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Marc Refrigeration is a family owned and operated company, specializing in the manufacturing of high-efficiency display refrigeration units for all types of retailers. We are proud members of the NAFEM, the leading trade association in the food service equipment industry. Among our key strengths is our ability to offer a wide assortment of basic display cases and merchandisers, with options for adaptation and customization as per the individual requirements of our diverse customer base, ranging from large hypermarkets to small convenience stores. Marc Refrigeration has become a staple in the industry, operating out of the same premium 60,000 square foot facility for over 31 years. We have been certified by UL, the leading product safety testing organization, for the high safety standards of our equipment. All of our refrigeration options are manufactured right here in the USA.

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FIC Series Remote Counter High Merchandisers

FIC Series, Remote, Counter High Merchandisers

FIC S/C Series, Self-Contained, Counter High Merchandisers

FIC S/C Series, Self-Contained, Counter High Merchandisers

SF Series Straight Front Glass Meat & Deli Merchandiser

SF Series, Remote & Self-Contained, Straight...

BDL Series Double Duty Meat Display Case

BDL Series, Self-Contained & Remote, Double...

MDL Series Remote Double Duty Deli Display Case

MDL Series, Remote, Double Duty Deli Display Case


MDL S/C Series, Self-Contained, Double Duty Display Case

ENMDL Series Double Duty Display Case

ENMDL Series, Remote, Endless, Double Duty Display..

MCH Series- Electric Hot Food Display Cases

MCH Series, Electric Hot Food Display Cases

GDL Series Remote Swing Door Reach-In Freezers

GDL Series, Remote, Swing Door, Reach-In Freezers

BCR Series Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display CaseĀ 

BCR Series, High Volume Curved Glass Refrigerated...

DCR Series Refrigerated Deli Display Case

DCR Series, High Volume Curved Glass, Refrigerated...

SPL Series 1/2 Curved Glass 1/2 Dry Bakery Case

SPL Series 1/2 Refrigerated Curved Glass Bakery Case..

LUBCR Series Lift Up Curved Glass Bakery Display Case

LUBCR Series, Lift Up High Volume Curved Glass...

SQBCR Series Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

SQBCR Series, High Volume Refrigerated Bakery Display Case..

WBCH Series Electric Hot Food Display (Wet Heat or Dry Heat)

WBCH Series, Curved Glass Electric Hot Food Display...