Reach-In Freezers Low Temp

When it comes to running a food store, regardless of the type of food you serve, you will always need a freezer to store different food items. We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying wide range of reach in freezers.

Our freezers are used in hotels, restaurants and food stores for storing and displaying different types, of food items.

Why choose Marc Refrigeration for reach in freezers?

  1. Our freezers preserve food items for longer duration and avoid accumulation of bacteria and germs
  2. Not all the food items can be stored at the same temperatures. Keeping this in mind, we've designed specific freezers for different category of food items
  3. Our freezers are energy efficient, thus reducing your energy expenses
  4. We deal in full vision glass door displays that provide optimum display
  5. Freezers are available with self closing and reversible swing doors
  6. Our freezers are equipped with smart features such as electrically heated doors and frames