GDM S/C Series, Self-Contained, Swing Door Reach-In Coolers

GDM S/C Series, Self-Contained, Swing Door Reach-In Coolers

Features :

  1. Fully Self-Contained, Operates on 115V
  2. Full Vision Glass Door Provide Optimum Display
  3. Perfect for Dairy and Beverage Merchandising
  4. Energy Efficient, Reversible, Self-Closing, Swing Doors
  5. Heated Door Frames
  6. Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Front
  7. Full Length Lighting for Maximum Visibility
  8. Rigid Foamed Seals in Cold Temperature
  9. Condensate Evaporator Eliminates Need for Drain
  10. Reliable and Proven Air-Cooled Refrigeration
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Marc's GDM S/C Reach-In Coolers
MODEL HEIGHT LENGTH DEPTH Self Size No. of Doors Apporx Cubic ft, Recommended
Condenser Unit HP
Electrical volts & amps Approx. Shipping Weight
GDM 1-S/C 80" 30" 31 1/4" 4 - 20x25 1 26 1/3 * 115/1/60 - 12 amps 400 lbs.
GDM 2-S/C 80" 54" 31 1/4" 8 - 20x23 3/8 2 44 1/2 * 115/1/60 - 14 amps 550 lbs.
GDM 3-S/C 80" 78" 31 1/4" 12 - 20x23 3/8 3 64 1/2 * + 115/1/60 - 16 amps 700 lbs.
GDM 4-S/C 80" 101 3/4" 31 1/4" 16 - 20x23 3/8 4 87 3/4 * + 115/1/60 - 22 amps 850 lbs.

(*) This size condenser unit is installed on this model.

(**) This size condenser unit is RECOMMENDED for this model. Consult a competent refrigeration mechanic to determine the appropriate size for your specific application. The appropriate condenser size will vary depending on length of run, indoor/outdoor use, etc.

(+) Field electrical supply required.

Only Marc offers these kind of features STANDARD!!!!!
Mirror finish, stainless steel front provides for a beautiful, easy to clean exterior surface. The bright white aluminum interior allows for maximum light reflection for the highest visibility. The stainless steel bottom pan, along with heavy gauge steel frame, insures years of dependable, rust resistant service.
Designed to visually merchandise your investment, the reversible swing glass doors permit energy efficiency along with full vision display. Multi-pane thermoglass is used to protect against loss of temperature and moisture penetration. The self-closing mechanism makes certain that the doors are thoroughly closed after each opening. Also features a heated frame.
Advanced product merchandising techniques are utilized in the lighting array. Each product facing features high illumination, full length fluorescents for maximum visibility of products.
Rigid fiberglass insulation supplies excellent protection against ambient temperature incursion. It is further sealed to insure that there is no moisture infiltration.
The automatic, electric condensate evaporator and automatic defrost clock provide worry-free control of condensation. It completely eliminates the need for plumbing and drain connection.
The heavy duty, air-cooled condensing unit is hermetically sealed and fully self contained. Each unit is proven reliable in all climates and is factory tested prior to shipping.

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.