MDL Series, Remote, Double Duty Deli Display Case

MDL Series, Remote, Double Duty Deli Display Case

Features :

  1. Hundreds of Color Co-ordinated Exterior Panels
  2. Full Vision, Triple Pane Display Glass Front
  3. Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Exterior Trim
  4. Heavy Duty Construction for a Longer Life
  5. Full Length Lighting for Maximum Visibility
  6. Main Deck Plus Two Mezzanine Shelves for More Display
  7. Rigid Insulation Seals in Cold Temperature
  8. Remote Compressor Allows for Greater Case Capacity
  9. 115V Convenience Outlet for a Scale
  10. Two Heavy Duty, Gravity Fin-Coil Refrigeration Systems
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Marc's MDL Series Remote Deli Display Cases Available in 4', 6', 8', 10' and 12' lengths!
MODEL HEIGHT LENGTH DEPTH Top Access Doors Recommended Condenser Unit HP Electrical volts & amps Approx. Shipping Weight
MDL - 4 55" 48" 35" 2 1/3** 115/1/60 - 1.7 amps 450 lbs.
MDL - 6 55" 70" 35" 2 1/3** 115/1/60 - 1.4 amps 575 lbs.
MDL - 8 55" 94" 35" 4 1/2** 115/1/60 - 3.0 amps 725 lbs.
MDL - 10 55" 118" 35" 4 3/4* 115/1/60 - 2.5 amps 900 lbs.
MDL - 12 55" 142" 35" 4 3/4* 115/1/60 -3.6 amps 1000 lbs.

NOTE: Designed for use in locations with air conditioning where temperature and relative humidity do not exceed 75% F and 55% RH.

(*) This size condenser unit is installed on this model.

(**) This size condenser unit is RECOMMENDED for this model. Consult a competent refrigeration mechanic to determine the appropriate size for your specific application. The appropriate condenser size will vary depending on length of run, indoor/outdoor use, etc.

Only Marc offers these kind of features STANDARD!!!!!
You can't name a color that is not available: brilliant blue, green marble, honey maple, black.... Marc offers hundreds of decor matching exterior panels at no extra cost! Call us with your choice. We'll match it from our enormous collection of finishes, FREE!!!
Mirror finish, stainless steel trim beautifully accents the decor matched exterior panels. A bright white aluminum interior provides for maximum light reflection for the highest visibility. The stainless steel bottom pan, along with heavy gauge steel frame, insures years of dependable, rust resistant service.
The triple pane, thermoglass front is perfectly angled for the least amount of glare for optimum display. Full length lighting offers exceptional merchandising opportunities. In addition to our broad full deck, two mezzanine shelves are included to maximize the product display area. The lower shelf has built-in fluorescents for maximum product lighting.
Rigid fiberglass insulation supplies excellent protection against ambient temperature incursion. It is further sealed to insure that there is no moisture infiltration.
The heavy duty, gravity fin-coil refrigeration system insures uniform product cooling without the presence of a harsh blower that keeps the product from drying out. The lower storage area has its own gravity coil. Each unit is proven reliable in all climates and is factory tested prior to shipping..

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

(+) Extreme high humidity conditions may require direct drains on S/C models.