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Marc Refrigeration

Marc Refrigeration Is One Of The Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Refrigerators.

Marc Refrigeration is a family owned and operated company, specializing in the manufacturing of high-efficiency display refrigeration units for all types of retailers.

We are proud members of the NAFEM, the leading trade association in the food service equipment industry. Among our key strengths is our ability to offer a wide assortment of basic display cases and merchandisers, with options for adaptation and customization as per the individual requirements of our diverse customer base, ranging from large hypermarkets to small convenience stores.

Marc Refrigeration has become a staple in the industry, operating out of the same premium 60,000 square foot facility for over 40 years. We have been certified by UL, the leading product safety testing organization, for the high safety standards of our equipment. All of our refrigeration options are manufactured right here in the USA.

Marc Refrigeration Is One Of The Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Refrigerators.

We specialize in refrigeration options for convenience stores, grocery stores, bakeries, health food stores, fish stores and more. Whether you need basic refrigeration, or a custom solution, Marc Refrigeration will be able to cater to your business’ requirements.

Our expertise and adaptability is what sets us apart from the crowd, give us a call to talk about the custom refrigeration needs of your business. Marc’s main goal is to meet our customer’s demands for refrigeration and freezing equipment with optimum quality, efficient operation, and minimum service and maintenance costs. After years of serving major franchises, we know what our customers need, and we are more than qualified to provide the best service imaginable, and guarantee our customers satisfaction.

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