Counter High Deli Case Remote & Self-Contained

Installing high-end refrigeration systems and appropriate deli cases is essential for food stores and bakeries to protect food items from bacteria and dust.

We offer a wide variety of deli cases designed according to different business needs.

Our top of the line displays are not only good for storage purposes, but also allows you to display your food items in the best possible way. Our cases are totally customizable, and you can personalize them according to your businessĀ“s requirements.

At Marc Refrigeration:

  1. You can choose deli cases from an extensive range of options to match your specific needs
  2. These types of cases are perfect for both storage and preservation of food for a long time
  3. These cases will fulfill your purpose of serving fresh and hygienic food to your customers
  4. The excellent cooling and lighting systems keep food fresh and visibly tempting
  5. Hundreds of color available for exterior panels