OM Series, Remote, Open Meat Merchandiser

Om Series case will complement any store's interior. Offering high product visibility and efficiency, this case is designed to display both red meat and deli products. The OM Series case provides even temperature distribution and offers tremendous cost savings opportunities with an air defrost system allwoing defrosting to be done with the store's air instead of eletricit heaters or hot gas controls to go bad.

OM Series, Remote, Open Meat Merchandiser

Features :

  1. Full length mirror to enhance product visibility
  2. Decorator color sides of your choice from Marc's enormous inventory
  3. Night Shades lock in your refrigeration overnight
  4. Three levels of mirror stainless steel shelving
  5. Freon valve installed
  6. Dial thermometer for accurate temperature readings
  7. Enhanced product lighting from top canopy and under three levels of mirror stainless steel shelving
  8. 4 levels of product lighting
  9. Drain is 1" pipe thread - for easy cleaning (drain connection required in field)
  10. Product retainers on each shelf, made of long lasting white epoxy finish
  11. Main deck has white epoxy coated raised wire shelving, for even air flow
  12. Front bumper - made of high density PVC for shopping cart impact
  13. Side Panels have 1/4" plexiglass for maximum visibility and safety
  14. Insulation is full density, solid core urethane Automatic time clocks are standard
  15. Thermostat to control unit temperature
  16. Mirror finish stainless steel trim, caps, moulding, main deck and shelves
  17. Air defrost system to keep the coil clear of ice
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Marc's OM Series Open Dairy Merchandisers
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Minimum circuit
ampacity electrical data
Appox. weight
OM-8R 84 1/2" 79 1/2" 34 1/2" 2-3 H.P.* 115/1/60 12.5 amps 825 lbs.
OM-10R 116 1/2" 79 1/2" 34 1/2" 3-4 H.P.* 115/1/60 12.5 amps 1,025 lbs.
OM-12R 138 1/2" 79 1/2" 34 1/2" 4-5 H.P.* 115/1/60 14.5 amps 1,065 lbs.

NOTE: Designed for use in locations with air conditioning where temperature and relative humidity do not exceed 75° F and 55% RH. (Excessive condensation & loss of temperature may occur).

We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

(*) This size condenser unit is RECOMMENDED for this model. Consult a competent refrigeration mechanic to determine the appropriate size for your specific application. The appropriate condenser will vary depending on length of run, indoor/outdoor use, etc. Do not install near heat, A/C Air ducts, A/C thermostats or doorways.