Difference Between Refrigerated and Bakery Cases

September 3rd, 2018

Having a commercial deli cooler and refrigerators are important if you are involved in an eatery business. There is a need for different refrigerator and cases for different categories of businesses. Sticking to a particular refrigerator is not enough you need to be very particular about the types, manufacturers and multiple features. Deciding the appropriate refrigerator is a challenging task and it depends a lot on the type of business you are in. For example- the types of refrigerators used in the bakery and restaurants are different.

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Which businesses need a refrigerator or deli coolers- Whether it is a store of beverages or a meat shop, commercial refrigerators are a must thing in eateries. The size and the features are some of the different things that may vary according to the needs of the business owners as well as the manufacturer’s style. Some of the different categories of businesses that require refrigeration system may include-

  • Confectioners and Bakers
  • Meat store
  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Luncheonettes
  • Bars
  • Dairy Product Suppliers

Bakery Cases

Mostly the bakery food products do not need refrigeration just to keep the food fresh after baking them. For example- cookies, donuts, cupcakes, and muffins do not require the continuous low temperature to keep the taste and appearance as it is. All it needs is a frosting free place where the food remains healthy and fresh. The refrigerator used in the bakery has a glass front. Therefore, it’s easy for the customers to choose the food items quickly. Moreover, the cleaning process is very easy.

Refrigerated Cases

The refrigerated cases are required at the stores such as- meat or fish stores. The main reason is that you need to keep them in a low and constant temperature to stop the production of bacterias. Fruit pies and food products having fresh fruits are another products in which there is a chance of germination of bacterias that may cause a lot of health issues. So, it’s important to keep the food at a low temperature. refrigerator cases are the best option.

Both the above-mentioned cases are important for different businesses. At Marc Refrigeration, we manufacture high-quality deli coolers and refrigeration units for all types of businesses.

The art of creatively displaying the meat in the meat cabinets

June 25th, 2018

The art of merchandising requires meat to be creatively displayed in the meat cabinets. This is a crucial factor to tempt the shoppers to take a closer look at the varieties of meats displayed. A beautiful meat cabinet display makes sure that the meat remains fresh and the freshness remains stable.

The main challenges in the meat selling business are:

  • Ensuring the freshness of the meat
  • Preserving the meat freshness
  • Maintaining food safety
  • Technique to bring in the customers

All these challenges can be taken care of when the meat in the meat cabinet can be kept fresh for a long time. The cabinets show off the freshness of the products and keep up the good quality. A customer is attracted to the presentation  of the food. Here are a few tips to entice the customers and increase your meat sales:

Be creative

  • Creative presentation of the food is the first thing that you should focus on. Place the meat on the contrasting platter. This way it will stand out and highlight the product.
  • Opt to group the particular kind of the meat together. This way the customers will be able to find the products easily.
  • Be creative with arrangement of the meat. Arrange everything according to the viewpoint of the customer.
  • You can add the greens if you want to fill in the spaces. You can create leafy lines for beautiful appearances.

Ice appeal
Another main thing to add in your meat cabinet display is the ice. This will increase the visual appeal of the meat. However, do not use large ice cubes as they can melt quickly and cause discoloration in the meat.

If you are looking for meat cabinets, then look no further. Here at Marc Refrigeration, we have a wide range of meat display cases suiting individual needs and requirements of the deli. To know more, call us at: (305)691-0500.

Different types of Display Cases

March 27th, 2018

A food display case can be a great way to increase sales in any food service operation, including coffee shops, restaurants, airports, grocery stores, convenience stores and more. There are a variety of options for food display cases available in the market, which makes it difficult for the vendors to pick the right case. To make thing easier, we have compiled different types of food display cases and the important factors that can help you deciding what display case is right for you.

Meat Cabinet cases

Types of food display cases

1. Meat Cabinet Cases – Meat cabinet cases are refrigerated single level cases that are designed to hold meat, seafood and poultry items without letting them freeze. Glass classes are used to shield unwrapped meat and they are ideal for butcher shops. There are also a number of open air models that are perfect for meat products used in supermarkets. These open air models have frost inhibitors, which prevent the glass from frosting. The seafood specific cases often have trays to gather the run-off water.

2.     Deli Cases –
Deli cases are refrigerated display cases, which hold around 40 degree Fahrenheit and have multiple cases.  These cases retain moisture and helps in keeping the products inside fresh.

3.    Bakery Cases –
There are both refrigerated and non-refrigerated bakery cases. Refrigerated cases feature the same temperature as deli cases, though they have less moisture. These bakery cases are perfect for keeping house items such as cakes, baked goods, pies or some baked dessert items.

4.    Open Display Merchandisers –
These display merchandisers are perfect for grab and go items like dairy, vegetables and impulse purchases.

When shopping for display cases, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of. Here are some important factors that you need to examine while shopping-

1.       Size – Display cases come in various sizes. It is important that you measure the space where you want to place the display case and accordingly buy one. Also, it look unappealing to customers to see a display case overly full or empty, so always purchase display case as per your business needs.

2.       Temperature – It is one of the most important factors in deciding the type of deli case you want. Knowing what you’ll store and the temperature it will be stored in will help you choose the display with the right temperature.

3.       Humidity – There are some products that need humidity for storing and there are some that do not need humidity. There are many display cases with adjustable humidity that allow humidity to be turned up and down as per the needs.

If you are looking for display cases, then look no further. Here at Marc Refrigeration, we have a wide range of display cases suiting individual needs and requirements. To know more, call us at: (305)691-0500.

Types of display cases: What would suit your store?

January 31st, 2018

One of the most important aspects of a business is sales. A store without sales would soon go under. There are numerous ways to increase the sales. However, in a food store, the refrigerated food cases do most of the work. The display cases in the delis contain all the food items available, this helps the customer visualize the food and buy what he wants.


Being a food store owner, you would know about the need and the benefits of the display cases. However, the huge range of the display cases will surprise you. Each display case has a definite and different purpose. While on the outside the cases may look similar, the interior and the food specification is entirely different. The refrigerated cases are perfect for the bakeries to store the cakes, pastries and more, the open meat produce merchandiser display cases are perfect for the different types of fresh meats. Here is a guide to help you figure out the perfect display case for you!

Different type of display cases

Produce display case:

This kind of display case is used to store the huge range of produce available. By produce, we mean the fresh fruits and vegetables. As the display case has temperature control and clean setting, the fruits and vegetables remain fresh. There are dual benefits of this type of display case. It stores the fresh produce by displaying it aesthetically to the customers.

Hot cases:

These display cases are used for the products that need to be kept warm. The case has in built thermostat that keeps the case warm and maintains the temperature.

Fish display cases:

These display cases are designed especially to store the fresh fish. The main aim of this case is to maintain the level of freshness for an extended period of time. The display case features temperature control that can be regulated based on the needs of the produce. You can also use our fish display cases to store and display poultry products.

Fresh meat cases:

These display cases are also called open meat produce merchandise cases. They are humid display cases with low air flow that retain the quality in the fresh meat and reduce the formation of the bacteria. If you are an open meat produce merchandiser, you should definitely opt for this case to store as well as display your produce.

Forced air systems:

The technology behind these display cases is the fans that circulate the cold air throughout the case. While this kind of display case keeps the food cool, it can also dry the food out if it is not rightly covered. It is one of the most preferred display case for 21st century deli store owner.

If you are looking to add a display case in your store, make sure you contact us. We have a huge range of  various display cases in the country.

4 Tips For Purchasing Open Display Merchandisers

December 22nd, 2017

Appearance and looks of a commodity matter a lot. It is very important to display the sample of the product(especially a food item) that you are selling in your store. An attractive display of the item catches the attention of viewers and hence,increases your sales. This can be done with the help of an attractive open display merchandiser. These displays are also known as refrigerator or display case. They are used to store different food commodities in various stores. Display cases are quite common in bakery shops or meat shops.

open display deli merchandiser

Refrigerators are something that cost more than you think and you can’t change it quickly. So, you really require extensive research before you purchase one for yourself. Below are some of the points that you must keep in mind while purchasing an open display merchandiser.

Frame all the requirements- Make sure you visualize and frame all the requirements including quantity of the food items, type of the food, place where you want to display them, and of course the cost of the open display merchandiser.

Product Type- It should be clear in your mind as to what products you wish to display inside your refrigeration unit. You should choose a refrigerator based on your need like you might want a display case for sandwiches and pies while someone else might want it for sodas only.

Quantity- Quantity of the food items is another deciding factor. Cooling directly depends on the quantity of the food items. A proper estimation of the number of food items can assist you to purchase the accurate size of the display case.

The position of the display cases-
The position of the display cases matters a lot. It is recommended to place your merchandisers where they are easily accessed and customers can see the food items placed on them. Moreover, place them at the place where it does not prevent the entry for customers and restrict the location while opening them.

After listing above-mentioned points you can choose the vendors. If you want to purchase an open display merchandiser unit or any other type of display cases, we at Marc Refrigerators specialize in the manufacturing of high-efficiency display refrigeration units for all types of retailers.

Deli Refrigerator: Why It Is Necessary For Your Business?

August 22nd, 2017

If you possess a bakery store, then an ideal approach to show your items to the buyer would be by utilizing a deli refrigerator. In spite of the fact that they are named as utilized as a part of a store, numerous different sorts of business utilize these sorts of refrigerators, that needs some kind of refrigerated exhibit space.

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Different Types of Deli Refrigerators

The primary sort of refrigeration units accessible is the counter-top refrigerator that bends over as a counter while flaunting your things to the client. These sorts of display counter enable the client to decision what they might want from one side and the assistant available at the shop can serve from behind the counter top, recovering the things through a slide entryway at the back. This is extremely valuable as it just permits the staff access to the merchandise and this builds cleanliness and cleanliness levels.

The second sort of refrigerators is the sort that you see up against the divider with a reasonable front entryway on it. Not exclusively does this continue on keeping the things chilled while the client is perusing, yet it additionally spares energy utilization and along these lines, the cost of your service bills go down.

The third sort of refrigerator that you may wish to utilization in a store is a service of a combination between the counter top and beverages exhibit coolers. It remains against a divider, however, has no entryway on it, simply racking, and they are ideal for keeping bakery and confectionery products.

Discretionary Features

In spite of the fact that these are discretionary components, you would be completely lost without them if they weren’t a piece of your deli refrigerator set up. The two fundamental things are the capacity to change racking and a temperature indicator.

If you are offering distinctive items all the time in your shop, it is indispensable that you can change the shop presentations to suit what you will offer. The adjustable racking component is additionally useful for keeping your exhibit refrigerator perfect as it enables you to expel shelves and boards from the unit totally.

If you have a temperature indicator built into the unit then it is a great deal simpler for your staff members to watch out for the temperature without the need to get out the thermometer and abandon it for some time so it demonstrates the genuine temperature of the refrigerator. This is a fundamental safety measure in food cleanliness and is one of the main things that neighborhood shop investigators take a gander at when looking at whether the shop is doing its obligations to clients.

If you find that your business will profit by the utilization of refrigerator space, however, you don’t what to pay for a different cooler then numerous producers present double refrigerator exhibit units. They will be exponentially more costly than only a straightforward exhibit refrigerator, however, the advantages to your business could be huge, contingent upon what you are putting forth to your client.



If you are spending a considerable measure of cash on a costly item then it is constantly helpful to know the information related to warranty. The primary warranty will obviously be from the producer of the item and anything that turns out badly inside the warranty time frame will imply that the producer will repair or supplant this unit.

Many times it creates well to augment those guarantees, either with the producer, retailer or some other outsider in the event of a breakdown. In spite of the fact that it is another month to month cost, you need to tolerate at the top of the priority list that if your refrigerator goes down for only one day, the business you lose as a result of it could be huge.

All You Need To Know About Meat Display Cases

May 1st, 2017

Whether you are running a food business as a starter or you have already an ongoing business, purchasing the meat display cases is one of the most intelligent decision ever.To sell the meat items on its own, you need to get a display case for your food business.

Before buying a display case, try to decide what you will use it for. These display cases have multiple usage as one can use to display drinks or food as well. The best idea is to use it for food purpose because when it comes to drinks, people generally know what drinks they like the most.

Displaying the food in front of the customers make it easy for the customers to choose the one that they want to have. Always go for the one that suits your needs. Either you can go for sliding door or a swing out door that attracts you and serve your purpose. Swing up doors are the best one for displaying meat, but it’s’ tough to manage these cases.

Before purchasing a meat display case, one needs to consider many things. First of all, consider the capacity of the display case that determines how much quantity of meat can be put out for the buyers. Lightning in the cases helps to show your meat in the best possible way.

The quality of the brand should be given the utmost importance on your list of major consideration when selecting the meat display. Only a good manufacturer can offer you a quality item for your business needs. They know how to satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations.

These manufacturers manufacture the products, keeping in mind the price factor. The price on the items should be affordable and it should not be beyond the reach of a common man. Display cases are usually fully equipped with lighting system in order to control the level of the light. Light is basically used on the food that is stored in the display case.

There are many models, available in the market that allow to store even the frozen items in the same display, but the frozen storage area is usually on lower level. Another option is to go for a display with one to three glass doors for the display of your meat. Fluorescent lighting with a cooling system helps to keep the stored meat very fresh.

In these meat displays, the light has no effect on the color of the meat, enabling the customers to inspect the item that they wish to buy. A good manufacturers offers you a wide range of meat cabinets for your stores. Some cases allows you to store selling meat items on the upper section and an extra an extra refrigerated compartment on the lower area where you can store meat in large quantity.

Curved displays are a great look for your store as well. Find the best manufacturer if you are looking for the right kind of model that is perfectly suitable for your business needs. These display cases attract the customers and they make their mind instantly to purchase the meat.

Advantages Of Meat Display Cases

  • Fully equipped with quality lighting
  • All cases are usually manufactured with clear tempered glass, enabling the customers to see the products clearly. Tempered glasses are found to be very strong than other glasses.
  • Temperature control feature in display cases accurately regulate the temperature which is required to store the meat items.

Always prefer to buy fridge which is made of stainless steel which is resistant to most germs. As compared to other materials, it is found to be more cleaner as well as hygienic.

Display Merchandiser: Would Your Business Get Benefit By Installing One

April 4th, 2017

The food industry is one of the one industries that are engaged in merchandising. The most challenging thing when you are planning to open a bakery shop is the way you will display your products to achieve maximum sales.

For many, keeping the things on the shelves is the thing what they hardly know about displaying. But, proper knowledge and concepts of displaying things in proper order before a final decision to go into business for themselves will prove beneficial to get positive results.

Placing things in an open display merchandiser will somehow help to reduce the labor cost. It not only help to maximize the sales volume but also provide information about the key products within the store. The merchandise is the most important element to every aspect of a business that involves displaying and storage.

One of the most important things you should keep in mind that your store deals will be higher when all display merchandisers are completely stocked. Remember that restocking of those showcases is a basic errand that must be performed consistently.All showcases must be completely loaded to maximize end of the week deals.

One of the basic prerequisites for boosting sales is to make your store dependably giving an impression of being new and new. Shifting of display merchandiser from one place to another can add a new look to your store and can be considered as one of the strategies for achieving that undertaking. You can use this brisk and simple method for driving deals without wasting much of your time and energy.

Layout For Your Store

Before you actually start a store consider the following points to manage the things properly.

  • Traffic flow
  • Customer safety
  • Widening display area
  • Type of merchandise required
  • Receiving area
  • Displaying or placing onto the sales floor
  • Stock room

Types of Merchandisers

  • Horizontal Open Air Merchandisers: These merchandisers comes with a stylish look and are the excellent purchase for retail merchants. These display units are ideal for pre-packaged products such as beverages, sandwiches, wraps and other items. Available in four sizes, HOAM models feature standard LED lights, adjustable shelves and an electronic controller to keep the product fresh.
  • Vertical Open Air Merchandisers: VOAM models are available in different sizes and feature contemporary styling. The larger packout space of the display units helps to store the products in a systematic manner.
  • Vertical Open Air Merchandisers With Roll-Down Security Cover: Having a roll-down lockable cover, the VOAM-C series merchandisers are quite secure as compared to other competitive models. These models are extraordinary for air terminal kiosks or different territories requiring a safe twilight arrangement. The cover is incorporated with the shade making it simple to fit through standard height entryways.

Benefits of Merchandisers

  • Independent access to food items
  • Exceptional food presentation to stimulate sales

Things you Should Keep In Mind While Purchasing Merchandisers

  • Outline your business need
  • Choose a refrigerator based on your need
  • Focus on the quality of the product you choose to keep the products
  • Be clear about the placement of the case, so that you buy the right sized product

Choosing the right product for your outlet will encourage impulse sale. Proper refrigeration plays an important role in the food industry. Bakery products and snacks are becoming part of routines for many individuals.

Food items kept at safe temperatures using a right sized open display unit will help in preserving product quality and freshness and meet customer satisfaction which in turn will generate profit and traffic inflow, keep factors responsible for a business to be successful.

It is essential to look for a  refrigerated display that doesn’t take food presentation for granted or the operation overall with a specific end goal to diminish energy utilization.

Display Cases: The Fundamental Need Of Every Bakery

March 16th, 2017

Bakeries are aplenty all around the world and can be a profitable business that supports community and does well even in a down economy. Outfitting your new bakery can be a daunting task as you have to work on various things such as storage, displaying your products etc. to achieve the best possible results.

Bakery units require a lot of presentation that is only possible through display cases available in the market. The different styles of displays are specially designed to protect and highlight bakery products. The bakery case are made of a different material including, aluminum, welded steel, metal frames etc. and are transparent. These cases allow a customer a get a clear view of all the delicious pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc. available in the store.

The visual appeal of the items displayed in a bakery case can make customers salivate on the spot and encourage them to buy the products at once. Some of the most common kinds of containers designed for use in bakeries are discussed below. You can take into account the kinds of baked goods your bakery sells while choosing the best containers for displaying those goods.

Types Of Bakery Display Cases

  • Bagel Bins: These types of display cases are used to organize, store and display your store’s bagel which may include, brownies, cupcakes, pieces of cake, cookies, dinner rolls, and croissants.
  • Bread Boxes: You can consider acrylic roll top bread boxes with as few as one shelf, or horizontal or vertical acrylic bread boxes with a multiple numbers of shelves depending on your requirement. Bread Boxes are multi functional and work exactly the same way as Bangel Bins and can be used to store bread and other bakery products.
  • Plexi Displays: If you plan to sell to some unwrapped candies or breakfast items, plexi display cases as they have enough drawers to hold all the extra items you need to display and offer our customers the freedom of choosing their own cupcake toppings and decorations.

There are a lot more varieties of bakery display cases that you will find once you visit any of the stores that offer commercial refrigeration units. You can opt for refrigerated and non-refrigerated units as per your requirement. These cases are available in different shapes, styles, and sizes and are used for customer convenience and food cleanliness. Apart from this, they also lend a clean and inviting look to the bakery.

Choosing the right unit plays an important role in your bakery business. Apart, from showcasing the appearance and freshness of the products contained within it, the cases can help increase the revenue as well as the sale of your products. The bakery display units can help maximize profits by providing a unique display for the customer.

Besides, having a right equipment for storage and displaying your bakery products, you need to work on lot more other factors including, how to create great tasting products, customer satisfaction, kind of staff members you should hire etc. for having a successful business for many years to come.

Need of Commercial Refrigeration System for Food Supply

March 6th, 2017

If looking for a commercial refrigeration system you will find markets flooded with a variety of options. Many business owners take it for granted the commercial refrigeration to deliver the products which might lead to serious health issues among people in various cases. Before choosing a commercial refrigeration system you should take a time to research the units available in the market and note down the specifications on your notepad for further reference.

While searching for commercial refrigeration units one should search for the units that will fit the needs and magnitude of a business. When it comes to refrigeration at a commercial level, it is generally deli coolers and refrigerators that are used to house products at large scale for public consumption. The commercial refrigeration system must be chosen with care because a faulty and inadequate equipment can hinder the functioning of business on one side as well as might result in health disaster among its customers thus ruining a customer-business relationship.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” Buddha

It is very much clear from the above quote that health is a major factor that can get you wealth and healthy relationships. If you are in a business of the food supply, customer’s health, your profit, and a right commercial refrigeration system are inter dependable. Thus, for having a long-term relationship with your customers take the health of your customers in consideration on a priority basis while purchasing a commercial refrigeration unit.

Different categories of businesses that require an adequate commercial refrigeration system:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Confectioners and Bakers
  • Dairy Product Suppliers
  • Groceries

People in the above-mentioned businesses require spacious and adequate coolers and refrigeration units to maintain the food safety standards of a number of products they handle by keeping them at a proper temperature. The needs for the refrigeration units may vary as some businesses including dairy product suppliers, confectioners, bakers, and grocers require that their refrigerated products are on display for the public to have access. While the businesses, including restaurants and bars simply need ample storage space to maintain the food safety standards.

While making a choice for a commercial refrigeration system, a knowledgeable service provider will help you in the best possible way by providing the proper equipment with adequate dimensions. Purchasing from a wholesale company or directly from a factory will help you make price comparisons well worth one’s time and save money. You can also opt for the hire or rent freezer and coolers service if you are not prepared to purchase the equipment. The service will also benefit the new business owner proving it to the wisest decision. The service, in fact, will help to use the equipment on trial basis and know the specific need. It will also help you in making the right investment and conduct research for the equipment of the best quality that will serve your business needs in a positive manner.

How to choose the right refrigeration company?

If you will search for your requirement on the web, you will end up with a lot of results providing the service. Look for the reviews and testimonials on the web about the companies shown. Additionally, try to gather any additional information by personally visiting their company or by making a call to their sales representative. Compare all the information and contact the company with good repute and comes through with first rate products and most important after sale service.

Choosing an adequate equipment will help you fetch a long list of satisfied customers thus increasing your business profits.